Whole School

Record observations of teaching, planning, marking, learning walks and more. School Leaders have a clear picture of where school strengths and weaknesses lie. Appraisal data keeps leaders up to date on how all staff are progressing towards their objectives.

Year Group and Subject Leaders

Department and area leaders receive summary data to show how teaching and learning is going within their subject. Development Journals highlight areas of strength and CPD. Middle leaders can track the appraisal process for their staff and evidence the support given.


Staff access their own profiles, seeing the feedback comments and development points given for them to address. Development journals help track their actions and they can contribute to their appraisal documents, including self-review, professional standards, evidence and updates on progress.

A system which grows with your needs

The Staff Appraisal and Development module can be combined with the Teaching and Learning Development module to help identify strengths and development needs in every area at every level within your school.

Combining the two modules is very affordable (starting at £595 for both modules) and provides a comprehensive system for combining all of your teaching and learning data, the performance management process and CPD tracking to aid school improvement.


Multi device compatible

Lessons Learned can be accessed from almost any device, so long as it has a web browser and is connected to the internet – no matter what device you are on, you can access your data and edit your forms.

Conducting a learning walk and want to attach some photos? Are you a staff member who wants to upload a video clip from your lesson or some audio of your pupil voice activities? Just take them with your iPad/Phone and upload them to the website.

Praise for Lessons Learned

I am loving this product and OFSTED were suitably impressed too.

Headteacher, November 2014, Cheshire East

We have recently had an Ofsted inspection, during which it was a very useful tool – enabling me to demonstrate the improvements in teaching profile, month on month.

Headteacher, March 2013, Sutton

The lessons learned system stood up to the inspection really well. The team were very impressed with the software and how it is utilised. They said it was outstanding and that it was the best example that they had come across. The print facility provided information at the click of a mouse and I could readily provide any details that they required. It proved a great success so many thanks for all your support.

Headteacher, May 2013, Essex

Teaching and Learning Development

Do away with complicated spreadsheets and paper folders. Lessons Learned T&L system lets you store, record and analyse all monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning in the one place. Whether you grade or not you can store detailed feedback for staff, subject and year group leaders to action. Summary tables and charts highlight strengths and weaknesses within an area of teaching and learning, a subject, year group or area of focus.

Dashboard Screens

Dashboard screens provide a detailed, real-time analysis of teaching and learning in your school.

Observation Analysis

Observation analysis screen allows quick identification of strengths and weaknesses.

Access Roles

Roles screen give you complete control over what different teams have access to.

Staff Appraisal and Development

A clear, consistent and fair appraisal process is key now that Performance Related Pay is such a big factor for schools. The Lessons Learned PM/Appraisal System involves all staff in the process, giving individuals access to their own forms, appraisers a way of collaborating with one another and school leaders a way of checking appraisal progress for monitoring and reporting when appropriate.

Objectives can be linked back to school development priorities and objectives can be set against a wide range of sources.

Professional Standards Included

Available with a full set of customisable descriptors for the Professional Standards.

Custom Standards

Add standards for teaching staff and the leadership team, as well as admin and cleaning staff.

Create Reviews

Create multiple reviews throughout the year without overwriting your original document.